seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be

This point in life


At this particular point in life I have learnt that money isn’t worth the chase. I have also learnt that this applies to women, status, power and to many other things. I have also learnt that money, women, status and many other things are very much worth the chase. So I have learnt that whatever is being considered ’a truth’ can always be contradicted and the closest to a truth that language can ever reach would be to say that ’everything is and isn’t’.

I have also learnt that ’knowing this’ is not the same as ’understanding this’. A human being seems to be able to know a lot of things but can walk through life without ever understanding any of them. A human being that do understand has no reason to know what is being understood.

At this particular point in life I have learnt that sitting by the fire and watching the flames play is as fulfilling as anything else. I believe that if one can not be still and look at the flames with a tranquil state of mind, then one will likely never be able to be still nor tranquil. I have also learnt that there is no use in running after the situation of ’sitting by the fire with a tranquil mind’ since the running will eat all the peace away instead of ever getting there.

I have also learnt at this point that if I try to sit by the fire before dealing with my past then my past will chase me like a fucking snake. I have also learnt that the past does not exist. Neither does the future. Nor does the so called ’now’, contrary to many beliefs. If you can point to this ’now’ I will be willing to change my opinion…

…since having opinion might be one of the lowest forms of intelligence. Also this I have learnt. Anyone can have opinion, there’s absolutely no achievement in having one. But to have opinion and then to be able to change swiftly to an opposite one, then change back, then to have no opinion, then to look at all of that as role-play, but being genuine about it, that is likely to be more intelligent than to only have opinion.

At this particular point in life I have learnt that tomorrow comes another point in life which might resemble this one. That’s a resemblance, no more, no less.

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2 years ago

Seemingly so 🙏🏼

seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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