seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be


The Tea Triangle


I think I can see why we both had that strong sense of lightness at that time. It followed us around like a guardian angel and as we entered Myanmar through the border of Moreh-Tamu it made our steps fly on the roadside while searching for a place to stay that night. We had crossed the great river of Brahmaputra a few days before and now we seemed to have left yet another natural border behind...

A story about green tea


My best time at the ashram was when I left it behind me and saw it disappear in the rear mirror of the car knowing that I was done with that place. The temples became jungle and the jungle became villages and the villages came more often until they were all city and soon we were sitting in a tight lobby of a cheap hotel in downtown Kochi and I was very relieved not to be in the grip of the Guru...

En historia om rött té


Världens tak kallar man ibland den omfattande platå som ligger norr om Himalaya-massivet. Det finns också andra namn, men för att inte utsätta mig själv för onödiga risker så väljer jag att inte använda dem, för när man talar om denna del av världen så gäller det att väga sina ord på guldvåg, särskilt om man en dag vill återvända dit. Och det vill man om man en gång varit där för det finns få...

The Way of Tea — part one


The children would run around like crazy, but she wouldn’t flinch for a second, neither would any child even dare to tamper with her delicate movements as she was brewing the tea. With everything whirling around her she seemed to be the eye of the storm, but I later found out I was wrong — it was the tea itself that was the eye! Ame (whom I also mentioned in this text) was the one who gave me...

seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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