seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be

A blog with no images


By coming here you will be lending me your attention for a while. What a precious gift! Now, what will I do with it? I can fill it up with a lot of impressions, images, links, diagrams, videos and more. Or I can starve it, give it almost nothing.

Would I want to fill it up with an overflow of impressions? If I were a parent, would I want to feed my kids with too much food? That answered itself. But at times you might feel starved here. Do I want to starve you? A little bit maybe. Why? Isn’t that the sensible thing to do in a society where everything is available?

Then there is this thing about the span of your attention, the so called ”attention-span”. Since so little is offered here, what will the attention do? Will it look for more? Will it look somewhere else? Or will it dive deeper into what is offered here?

What is offered here? Not much but text. Not very long texts, because they don’t want to overfeed your attention. But neither too short ones, because that will not help to develop your attention-span.

Hopefully that will create a balance, for creativeness to arise. Because there is always an hidden invitation here: You will find it when you read and want to ask me for pictures, then look at your own pictures — they are always there.


seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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