seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be


Let’s call it Seeking


— He is such a seeker, is something that people tend to say when they want to describe a person with spiritual pursuits. For practical purposes it might be better to speak about seekers in that limited way, but nonetheless let me bring some clarity into the wording: The seeking dynamic is everywhere. If you are reading this text it is most probably in you. On a surface level it does tend to look...

A blog with no images


By coming here you will be lending me your attention for a while. What a precious gift! Now, what will I do with it? I can fill it up with a lot of impressions, images, links, diagrams, videos and more. Or I can starve it, give it almost nothing. Would I want to fill it up with an overflow of impressions? If I were a parent, would I want to feed my kids with too much food? That answered itself...

The Game of Parrots


In my work as a Yoga teacher and therapist it is an inevitable part of the trade to be encountered by people searching for answers. If I accept the role as ”someone who got answers” I create dependency rather than autonomy. That isn’t very liberating. I try my best to avoid that, but now and then it still happens that something which sound like a word of advice slip my tongue. If so and if I...

seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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