seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be

What a fragile thing it is


I consider him to have been a womanizer, the me of ten years ago. During that period in time Lars would have jumped at any opportunity of connecting with an attractive woman. It was a quite intense job and a lot of painful defeats. The defeats seemed like a necessary evil in the pursuit of the female. Eventually it would always connect.

Lars would go very deep very fast, always, without hesitation. Already after a couple of days would he have invested a lot of meaning and emotions in the woman. Most women found that to be a wonderful thing, he seemed so committed. At first he thought that it was one of his great perks, but he started to doubt that, maybe it wasn’t a very great perk. Then he thought that it was a quite bad perk.

I mean, look at the powers we are dealing with: It’s a connection between two universes. Two universes simply do not connect in the time-frame of a few days. It’s all romantic and everything to think that it is that easy, but the statistics from Lars’ life clearly shows that it isn’t. It always led to disasters based on different expectations (between the two) and a general lack of awareness.

Now, ”when I have grown up” (yes yes, I know), I can share with you the latest news of what it means to connect with the opposite sex:

What a fragile thing it is…

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seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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