seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be

Promises of Nirvana


Nowadays I don’t care a rat’s ass about Yoga. The whole scene of it is a circus — God dressing up as spiritual teachers preaching different versions of the messages ”you are going to feel better” or ”you are going to have a life-changing experience”. Some of these teachers even promise Nirvana to their students. Such arrogance!

When I realized that the ”promise of Nirvana” actually wasn’t Nirvana at all, I had to stop myself from participating in the charade. I just couldn’t let myself be the idiot that creates an idea in people that there is something to achieve which isn’t already here. So I stopped being the Yoga teacher and the therapist. And as I did I realized that most others would rather keep on dressing up for the play. People seem to want to hear ”hopeful messages” and this was not one of them. Actually, what is written here is probably being refuted violently or even ignored by most readers!

— Hope is the last thing to die, they say. Unfortunately I think they mean it as a positive thing.

If it is the last thing to die, it is definitely not positive. It’s a prison. Hope is married to doubt. One will not exist without the other. If one grows large the other one grows with it. Still, most people I know invest all they’ve got in this merry-go-round, going around and around. Oh, my…

It’s such a circus, this scene of Yoga.

The paradox of keeping a website like Yoga with Lars alive is somehow exciting in all of this. Maybe some seekers will stumble upon this text and realize how completely and utterly hopeless it all is. That might bring about some real fucking change for once.

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seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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