seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be

The boy in the train


I look at the boy in the train, he is writing something. Full with energy and reflection is he sitting there and solving the mysteries of life in his little notebook. The traveling boy, an investigator of experiences. He is so curious! I know that some might say that he is ’a searcher’. They would say it with a bit of a condescending tone in their voice. But what’s the purpose of looking down upon a vitality like that? I can’t help but think that people are jealous of those who search.

There’s is this recollection of when Osho sits on the stage doing some kind of sermon and the crowd is big and everyone is eager to hear what he has to say. Then it starts to rain and a murmur of discomfort spreads through the crowd. Osho becomes quiet upon hearing that and he looks at them for a short while, then he speaks again, stern and loud: ”You are searchers of freedom and you can’t handle a little bit of rain!”

Existence on earth is for investigation. Those who really investigate they leave everything they know behind: All preconception of how and what life is. They want to find out for themselves. A person like that is not afraid or at least not afraid of being afraid. (S)he is already free and should be revered.

The boy in the train is on to something and if your eyes fell upon this text: So are you.

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seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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