seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be


The boy in the train


I look at the boy in the train, he is writing something. Full with energy and reflection is he sitting there and solving the mysteries of life in his little notebook. The traveling boy, an investigator of experiences. He is so curious! I know that some might say that he is ’a searcher’. They would say it with a bit of a condescending tone in their voice. But what’s the purpose of looking down...

The Story of the Golden Tips — Part one


I was carried by a donkey when crossing the border into India and the night was dark and my body was weak from many days of diarrhea. The border was supposed to open at 6 AM, but at 5 AM I knew I couldn’t hold it in anymore and you know what they say — desperate times call for desperate measures — so I explained the situation to the Nepalese border guards and they let me cross the border...

The Tea Triangle


I think I can see why we both had that strong sense of lightness at that time. It followed us around like a guardian angel and as we entered Myanmar through the border of Moreh-Tamu it made our steps fly on the roadside while searching for a place to stay that night. We had crossed the great river of Brahmaputra a few days before and now we seemed to have left yet another natural border behind...

A story about green tea


My best time at the ashram was when I left it behind me and saw it disappear in the rear mirror of the car knowing that I was done with that place. The temples became jungle and the jungle became villages and the villages came more often until they were all city and soon we were sitting in a tight lobby of a cheap hotel in downtown Kochi and I was very relieved not to be in the grip of the Guru...

En historia om rött té


Världens tak kallar man ibland den omfattande platå som ligger norr om Himalaya-massivet. Det finns också andra namn, men för att inte utsätta mig själv för onödiga risker så väljer jag att inte använda dem, för när man talar om denna del av världen så gäller det att väga sina ord på guldvåg, särskilt om man en dag vill återvända dit. Och det vill man om man en gång varit där för det finns få...

Small goats in Thailand


As the taxi arrived so very early that Tuesday morning it soon became very clear that the once hopeful and lively Suvarnabhumi airport was now hollow and full of contempt. I removed my bags from the cab, paid the driver and started my walk to enter the huge complex. The gatekeepers seemed to be happy about my arrival, but that was about all of the ”the country of smiles” that still had survived...

A Societal Forest Fire


Life is eternal, but your life is not. It might sound rough but I suggest you stop your war with death, you will not win. But since you are already here you seem to have a couple of other options, two of them being: 1) Stay curious or 2) don’t. Even though it might bring a lot of pain and suffering — a societal forest fire is never a bad thing, the curiosity knows this. So when the fire gets...

Imprisoned by a Guru


When I was about to enter India, from the Nepalese border-city of Birgunj, one powerful thought shouted in my mind: ”Don’t go south! Go back east!”. I had planned to go to Kerala, the south of India, to revisit Seku, my original Yoga teacher. But now that didn’t feel so good. How come? I thought that was the whole point with this trip. Had I traveled with all of these trains, through Europe...

Yogurt and Tea


Chunlong (春龙) slapped me on my fingers when I tried to write my first Chinese character. I yelped and asked: ”What’s wrong, it looks exactly like yours?” He responded that it was not the looks of the character he criticized, but how it came into being. This was my first encounter with ”Dao”. The character Dao (道) translates as ”way” or ”principle”. Dao is the nature of the truest action, one can...

A Story of East and West


A few years ago I told my parents that I had a wish of living in China. In unison they exclaimed something like: ”Why go there? They are crazy.” All I could think was: ”Sane and crazy define one another.” I decided to go. About a month ago I entered the north border of China with the train from Moscow. I had gotten the opportunity to live there, not as a tourist, but as a participant of a...

seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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