seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be

A Societal Forest Fire


Life is eternal, but your life is not. It might sound rough but I suggest you stop your war with death, you will not win. But since you are already here you seem to have a couple of other options, two of them being: 1) Stay curious or 2) don’t.

Even though it might bring a lot of pain and suffering — a societal forest fire is never a bad thing, the curiosity knows this. So when the fire gets closer, threatening the very existence of you and your loved ones, you might panic or you might ask yourself: ”What seeds do I want to leave behind under the ashes?” Because, deep down, you know: The forest fire will never be the end. Life is eternal, only your life is not.

Me and Alice traveled from west to east with eyes open, not surrounded by the closed doors of airports and airplanes. I could see along the way many societies that will perish in the fire, since all they got is the belief of ”Money is the means of survival.” In St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ulan-Ude, even on the Mongolian plateau and on the industrialized Chinese countryside, in Xi’an, Kathmandu, Kochi and of course in Bangkok I would literally see millions of people carrying this dark belief in their minds.

But there were also other societies along the way that clearly looked different. Especially in Siberia, in Tibet and in Myanmar, where one could see a soft human face and a shaking of the head, saying: ”Hey guys, you know that the money that you are trying to eat is not going to make you feel saturated, right?” But the money eating people wouldn’t understand that, even if they listened. Later when they burn in the societal forest fire they will look very confused and wonder why life is so cruel to them.

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seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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