seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be


Free of Impurities


She was the authority of this place and I was only a small drop in the sea of all of the hundreds of thousands of students that followed this tradition, therefore I was hesitant but I still mustered the guts to ask her that question: ”Why be here if I am already free?””If you would be free you would be Buddha and then you wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever sitting here and focusing in...

Universal Law is for Lackeys


A friend of mine once said to me that she had now started to ask herself questions — ”Just like you, Lars.” — and this was soon after she had lost her mother, her only parent, in a car accident in front of her very eyes. That sudden death had pushed her to experience something far beyond the assumptions she had about life and it had now changed how she perceived things. Questions of ”why” had...

A Yogic Story


My first encounter with Yoga was in the fall of 2010. I had started in a group psychotherapy treatment lead by the late Dr. Carlos Chan. During those years we did a mix of psychotherapy, drama therapy and Bio-Energetics, and in the curriculum Yoga positions had its own substantial part. Already after a few sessions I thought myself to be a splendid Yogi and I started organizing groups of my own...

God is a Rug


I was standing with bare feet pointing a finger at the golden Persian rug underneath me when I asked the question: ”Is there a rug?” They all looked suspiciously at me. It was an early afternoon and we had gathered in the studio I had in town. Normally we would sit quietly in a circle on the rug and I would share the instructions for meditation in a calm voice. Now this particular afternoon it...

Ett Pussel


De lade ett pussel, men gjorde nog fel redan i början när de fann varsin del. De ville så gärna förena de två så de började banka, trycka och slå. Bitarna passade gott nog, viskade de och log när de samtidigt fiskade fram två nya stycken att tvinga ihop trots pusslets varnande, oroliga rop. Konstruktionen blev ett slags potpurri, ett skralt monument, som skralast inuti. Men leende skönjde de...

This point in life


At this particular point in life I have learnt that money isn’t worth the chase. I have also learnt that this applies to women, status, power and to many other things. I have also learnt that money, women, status and many other things are very much worth the chase. So I have learnt that whatever is being considered ’a truth’ can always be contradicted and the closest to a truth that language can...

The boy in the train


I look at the boy in the train, he is writing something. Full with energy and reflection is he sitting there and solving the mysteries of life in his little notebook. The traveling boy, an investigator of experiences. He is so curious! I know that some might say that he is ’a searcher’. They would say it with a bit of a condescending tone in their voice. But what’s the purpose of looking down...

Romance of Yearning


As their lips got closer and they both could feel the warm breath of the other they realized that they had been yearning for this kiss for 40 years. Or something like that. When I was a kid I read a book that I still remember very strongly. I can’t recall the name of it no matter how much I search. It’s about a boy and a girl growing up somewhat together. Already as small children they have a...

The stories not told


I put my pen down 11 years ago and told myself that I will not write again until I have found my own heart. In the beginning of those following years I met a man and he said to me: ”If you start on this journey, you will have things to write about for the rest of your life.” My greediness at the time had no doubt about that and I threw myself off the cliff and in the fall I lost my pen. Even...

3, 7, 48


I saw this video of a girl singing and I told her it was beautiful. She said thanks and carefully I asked for more. She gave me a recording and I listened and I asked for more. She gave me three recordings and I cried and I asked for more. She gave wonder and beauty and I asked for more. She gave tears and joy and I asked for more. She gave trembling out of fear and I asked for more. She gave...

seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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