seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be


This point in life


At this particular point in life I have learnt that money isn’t worth the chase. I have also learnt that this applies to women, status, power and to many other things. I have also learnt that money, women, status and many other things are very much worth the chase. So I have learnt that whatever is being considered ’a truth’ can always be contradicted and the closest to a truth that language can...

The boy in the train


I look at the boy in the train, he is writing something. Full with energy and reflection is he sitting there and solving the mysteries of life in his little notebook. The traveling boy, an investigator of experiences. He is so curious! I know that some might say that he is ’a searcher’. They would say it with a bit of a condescending tone in their voice. But what’s the purpose of looking down...

Romance of Yearning


As their lips got closer and they both could feel the warm breath of the other they realized that they had been yearning for this kiss for 40 years. Or something like that. When I was a kid I read a book that I still remember very strongly. I can’t recall the name of it no matter how much I search. It’s about a boy and a girl growing up somewhat together. Already as small children they have a...

The stories not told


I put my pen down 11 years ago and told myself that I will not write again until I have found my own heart. In the beginning of those following years I met a man and he said to me: ”If you start on this journey, you will have things to write about for the rest of your life.” My greediness at the time had no doubt about that and I threw myself of the cliff and that is how I lost my pen. Even...

3, 7, 48


I saw this video of a girl singing and I told her it was beautiful. She said thanks and carefully I asked for more. She gave me a recording and I listened and I asked for more. She gave me three recordings and I cried and I asked for more. She gave wonder and beauty and I asked for more. She gave tears and joy and I asked for more. She gave trembling out of fear and I asked for more. She gave...

A thread of Tea


When you ask me how it all started I can only answer that it was nothing short of a mystery. But I do remember one occasion when I suddenly had a bag of loose leafs of Jin Xuan Tea (金萱) at home. I don’t know where it came from but it was there and it was the real deal and it was amazing to drink. That was perhaps five years ago and if one would pry inside of a typical Swedish tea drawer at that...

The Story of the Golden Tips — Part one


I was carried by a donkey when crossing the border into India and the night was dark and my body was weak from many days of diarrhea. The border was supposed to open at 6 AM, but at 5 AM I knew I couldn’t hold it in anymore and you know what they say — desperate times call for desperate measures — so I explained the situation to the Nepalese border guards and they let me cross the border...

Impossible sharing


When me and Alice Ekelund crossed Himalaya and on the day we entered Nepal I remember one thought that ran through my mind: ”Good luck trying to Google this.” Since then I have been trying and trying to translate my experiences from that time, to make them somewhat possible to sense from the perspective of another. I don’t know why I want to do that, but this morning I woke up and looked out the...

The Tea Triangle


I think I can see why we both had that strong sense of lightness at that time. It followed us around like a guardian angel and as we entered Myanmar through the border of Moreh-Tamu it made our steps fly on the roadside while searching for a place to stay that night. We had crossed the great river of Brahmaputra a few days before and now we seemed to have left yet another natural border behind...



I had met Her and it suddenly seemed like the whole body realized what it meant to fully feel that. It was terrifying and it felt like a straight and steep road that made every moment go faster and faster. During those days my mornings in the bed were very long and I lay still as a stone and felt the world eat my anxiety up and slowly turn it into love and so it was revealed to me, piece by...

seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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