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A blog with no images

By coming here you will be lending me your attention for a while. What a precious gift! Now, what will I do with it? I can fill it up with a lot of impressions, images, links, diagrams, videos and more. Or I can starve it, give it almost nothing. Would I want to fill it up with an overflow of impressions? If I were a parent, would I want to feed my kids with too much food? That answered itself...

The Way of Tea — part one

The children would run around like crazy, but she wouldn’t flinch for a second, neither would any child even dare to tamper with her delicate movements as she was brewing the tea. With everything whirling around her she seemed to be the eye of the storm, but I later found out I was wrong — it was the tea itself that was the eye! Ame (whom I also mentioned in this text) was the one who gave me...

Imprisoned by a Guru

When I was about to enter India, from the Nepalese border-city of Birgunj, one powerful thought shouted in my mind: ”Don’t go south! Go back east!”. I had planned to go to Kerala, the south of India, to revisit Saji, my original Yoga teacher. But now that didn’t feel so good. How come? I thought that was the whole point with this trip. Had I traveled with all of these trains, through Europe...

Yogurt and Tea

Chunlong (春龙) slapped me on my fingers when I tried to write my first Chinese character. I yelped and asked: ”What’s wrong, it looks exactly like yours?” He responded that it was not the looks of the character he criticized, but how it came into being. This was my first encounter with ”Dao”. The character Dao (道) translates as ”way” or ”principle”. Dao is the nature of the truest action, one can...

A Story of East and West

A few years ago I told my parents that I had a wish of living in China. In unison they exclaimed something like: ”Why go there? They are crazy.” All I could think was: ”Sane and crazy define one another.” I decided to go. About a month ago I entered the north border of China with the train from Moscow. I had gotten the opportunity to live there, not as a tourist, but as a participant of a...

The Game of Parrots

In my work as a Yoga teacher and therapist it is an inevitable part of the trade to be encountered by people searching for answers. If I accept the role as ”someone who got answers” I create dependency rather than autonomy. That isn’t very liberating. I try my best to avoid that, but now and then it still happens that something which sound like a word of advice slip my tongue. If so and if I...

seemingly so it ain't so, it just seems to be



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